Fetal Doppler is also known as fetal heart rate monitor. It is an electronic medical instrument which obtains fetal heart movement information from the abdomen of pregnant women according to the principle of ultrasonic Doppler.we can monitor fetal heart at home, get monitoring curves, calculate fetal heart rate and fetal movement through the phone, and share all of these with doctors for remote assistance.

Product highlights

  • All in one design,compact and portable.
  • With pulse wave technology,early pregnancy can be measured.
  • P610 is equipped with LED display screen. Pregnant women can perceive the fetal heart rate changes at any time through this clear display.
Size144.8x41.8x32.1mmweightAbout 89.7g
(without battery)
Display screenLEDSensitivity ≥90dB
Probe φ25mmUltrasound frequency2.5MHz±10%
Ultrasound output power<20mW/c㎡Power supplyd.c.3.0V AA battery
Fetal heart rate range60-240bpmOperation PrinciplePulsed Wave

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