What is the fetal Doppler, what is the purpose?

Fetal Doppler is also known as fetal heart rate monitor. It is an electronic medical instrument which obtains fetal heart movement information from the abdomen of pregnant women according to the principle of ultrasonic Doppler. A new generation of intelligent fetal Doppler, not only listen to fetal heart, but also combined with mobile apps.In this way,we can monitor fetal heart at home, get monitoring curves, calculate fetal heart rate and fetal movement through the phone, and share all of these with doctors for remote assistance.

Why do we need to monitor fetal heart rate?

A large number of medical studies have shown that fetal monitoring can be used to timely understand the growth and development of the fetus during the whole gestation period.Monitoring the fluctuation of fetal heart rate can timely detect symptoms such as fetal hypoxia, intrauterine distress, umbilical cord around the neck, which affect the normal development of the fetus and even endanger the mother's life.These symptoms can be manifested through changes in fetal heart rate. Therefore, fetal monitoring is a strong guarantee to improve birth safety.

Does ultrasound harm your baby?

We use a 2.5MHz ultrasound probe with ultrasound output power less than 2mW, which meets international safety standards.The electromagnetic radiation intensity of the fetal Doppler is much weaker than the radiation intensity of the mobile phone, which belongs to the safety range.

The commercial value of the fetal Doppler

As a high-tech medical and health product, Fetal Doppler can enhance the professionalism of the customer brand, increase the trust of the user, and also create more value for the customer's products and services.Fetal Doppler extends pre-pregnancy products to pregnancy, so that postpartum and infant products can lock customers in advance through fetal Doppler,which realize accurate drainage and increase the viscosity of customers and users on the whole. In addition, the fetal Doppler can be used as a necessary intelligent hardware for health data collection in the fetus stage to enrich health data management services.

Can the fetal heart rate be measured on the 9th week of pregnancy?

The development of the fetal heart begins in the second week of pregnancy. The formation of primitive heart tube is the prototype of the heart. By the eighth week of pregnancy, the cardiovascular structure framework has been formed. The valve of the heart is formed around the 9th week. By the 10th week, the heart and arteries can be displayed through color Doppler ultrasound. By the 14th week, the atrium and the ventricles are formed. By five months, the internal structure and blood flow of the heart can be clearly observed through the color Doppler ultrasound. During this period, pregnant women can check the development of the fetal heart through color Doppler ultrasound.

What the hospital ultrasound equipment detects around the 9th week of pregnancy is the original heart tube beating. Theoretically, the fetal heart rate can be detected by fetal Doppler at the 9th week of pregnancy. But it is not applicable to every pregnant woman. Generally, doctors suggest that pregnant women go to the hospital regularly for the FHR Monitoring after the 16th week of pregnancy.

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